Ultra-Fast Internet for the Speed of Life

Point Broadband is now one of the top data providers in the country with a proven history of excellent customer service. We invite you to explore our fiber-based Internet options and see how we can serve you.
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Two State-of-the-Art Solutions

Point Broadband offers two internet solutions for homes and businesses.
Up to 2 Gbps
No Lag
Faster & Reliable
Point Broadband’s fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) network sends data much faster than cable internet. The signal travels on a fiber optic connection to achieve greater consistency than cable internet — even during peak usage times. Fiber unlocks speeds up to 2 gigabits per second (Gbps), allowing data to travel faster and over greater distances, with upload speeds equal to download speeds. Our internet service relies on fiber-to-the-premises​ internet that uses cutting-edge technology to increase reliability while delivering service directly to your building. Our service travels through small, flexible strands of glass that transmit data as light. This allows significant reliability advantages over other traditional options.
Up to 200 Mbps
WiFi icon
Wireless Connection
Better Latency
Point Broadband’s fixed wireless network serves areas that, until now, have had limited or no internet service. Our fixed wireless technology offers high-speed internet access via a fiber-fed wireless signal from vertical assets in each community. Supporting speeds up to 200 megabits per second (Mbps), our fixed wireless network is much more robust than antiquated digital subscriber line (DSL) internet that travels through telephone lines. Our fixed wireless network also improves latency compared to satellite internet because it travels a far shorter distance.

The Perks of Fiber Connectivity

Our FTTP and fixed wireless internet packages allow you to experience the benefits of fiber optic internet. Whether receiving a signal from a fiber cable that runs directly to your building or from a fiber-fed wireless transmitter, you'll benefit from:

Speed: Data travels as light through a fiber cable for speeds that rival the fastest available.
Reliability: Fiber-based data transmission resists environmental damage and service disruptions.
Consistency: Fiber enables two-way speed for symmetrical upload and download speeds.
Security: Fiber-optic signals resist electromagnetic interference and physical tampering that occur during data breaches.
Versatility: Fiber's increased bandwidth allows you to send and receive data from multiple devices, including your telephone and television.

Best-in-Class Whole-home WiFi

Homes are more connected than ever. New smart-home devices allow us the comfort, convenience and peace of mind to operate our homes from just about anywhere. From TVs to cameras, doorbells, garage door openers and more, the bandwidth that our lives require continues to grow. Wi-Fi has joined electricity and water as a necessary utility for most homes today. While you may have sufficient internet speed, your home can only be as smart as your Wi-Fi allows. You need an internet connection that offers speed, reliability and consistency. You need Point SmartHome Whole-Home Wi-Fi powered by Plume.

Stuck in an Internet Contract?

Traditional internet service providers use contracts to limit your options. Point Broadband can provide a way out. We offer Point Break, a contract relief program that will free you to register for our contract-free service. In exchange for a copy of your bill, you will receive a $200 credit to your Point Break account to ease your transition to your new internet plan.

Connect With Point Broadband

Our fiber internet service will provide the speed and reliability you need for a comfortable, connected life. We reach homes and businesses in various parts of the United States, so check fiber internet availability to see if we serve your area. Please contact us online to discuss our internet services with a representative.