Point Broadband Has Teamed up With DIRECTV STREAM to Deliver All the Channels You Need
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Streaming Is as Easy as 1-2-3!

Point Broadband’s fiber-fast network makes it easy to stream video to your smart TV or streaming device with no contracts or data caps! You can get all of your favorite content without the need for traditional cable TV or expensive equipment.


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Use a Smart TV or
Streaming Device

Smart TVs are ready to stream right out of the box OR you can install a DIRECTV streaming device or use a Fire TV Stick or Roku device on an older television. You can also stream through your computer, tablet or smart phone.


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Get the best of Live TV and On Demand on all your favorite screens - with no annual contract.

Interested in Other Live TV Streaming Options?

There are other Live TV streaming services but figuring out which one is right for you can be challenging. We partnered with MyBundle.TV to get you a personalized recommendation.

Just answer a few questions, select the channels you watch and we’ll show you the best streaming packages at the best price for YOU, including options from DIRECTV STREAM!

Already Streaming?

There are a many more streaming services beyond Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime. Check out our growing Streaming Marketplace to discover and sign-up for new services. The Streaming Marketplace features 130+ unique, niche streaming services to fit your needs.