Like roads and electric grids more than a century ago, fiber broadband networks are now essential infrastructure for businesses, schools, government offices, and homes.
Point Broadband is focused on partnering with municipalities, EMC’s and utilities to deliver a complete broadband solution. This means we can finance, design, build, and operate these fiber networks, or work with you to share these responsibilities. Point Broadband is ready to partner with you to bring state-of-the-art technology to the community you serve.

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What Can a Fiber Network Do for Your Community?

Become a smart city with a superior fiber network benefitting businesses and homes years into the future:
Boost Economic Development
Bring Internet Competition to the Market
Improve Customer Service
Provide Better Pricing for Customers
Facilitate Smart Utility Technology
Promote Solutions for Modern Education, Healthcare and Financial Services

Why Point Broadband?

We offer proven turn-key solutions for Municipal Fiber Networks providing:
Complete Business Plan
Network Design
Marketing and Sales
Regulatory/FCC Compliance
Attractive Finance Options
Network Construction
Operations and Installations