November 25, 2019

Whole Home WiFi Systems: What is Point SmartHome?


Sixty percent of smart home product buyers are interested in enhancing their ability to monitor their homes. This includes everything from surveillance and security devices like cameras, locks and garage door openers to lighting, thermostats and carbon monoxide detectors. As more of these devices are added, your smarter home may not have the bandwidth to perform as the genius you expected.

So how do you leverage the convenience and comfort of these new connected devices without overwhelming your home’s Internet service? With Point Broadband’s Fiber Internet, the answer is through a whole home WiFi system.


A whole home WiFi system is comprised of a series of satellite modules that carry your signal from your modem throughout your home. Many variables can inhibit the reach and strength of WiFi in certain areas of your home. Floors, doors, walls, and the materials they are made of, in addition to the overall design of your home can make it difficult for the signal to reach every space. The placement of these satellite platforms solves this problem.


Point SmartHome powered by Plume is a tri-band, whole home, adaptive WiFi system. This self-optimizing, cloud-based WiFi system replaces the WiFi on your modem or router with a fast, consistent, reliable signal. A trained Point Broadband technician will conduct a site survey and install the system, which includes helping you install the Plume app on your smart phone and setting up your devices. Part of the set-up process will include placing the smaller PowerPods in high activity areas throughout your home. PowerPods are the satellite modules mentioned above that carry and relay your newer, faster, stronger signal where and when it’s needed.

As a self-optimizing WiFi system, Point SmartHome can adapt to real-time changes in your devices and apps that are being used. This means that more speed can be sent to more bandwidth-intensive areas of your home when it’s needed and spread to other applications when it’s not.

Point SmartHome also comes with advanced security and convenience features. AI-fueled security allows you to filter online content based on who is viewing. This means that you can block or allow specific websites from being accessed. There are also enhanced protection measures that prevent other cyber threats to your devices. HomePass is another useful feature that Point HomeSmart offers. Homepass allows you to create access for your guests. Each guest can have their own personalized sign-in information and corresponding levels of access and security.

Smarter homes require smarter WiFi, and that is precisely what Point Broadband’s Fiber Internet and Point SmartHome will provide.