May 2, 2019

Point Broadband Announces Rebrand of Sunset Fiber


BRISTOL, VA – Point Broadband, a leader in state-of-the-art fiber-based networks, is rebranding its Southwest Virginia, Northeast Tennessee fiber broadband operations. Effective today, Sunset Fiber and Sunset Digital officially become Point Broadband.

This rebrand comes after Point Broadband funded the purchase of Bristol Virginia Utilities’ OptiNet broadband network and Sunset’s Duffield, VA, and surrounding markets in August 2018.

According to Todd Holt, Point Broadband’s CEO, current Sunset customers will continue to enjoy the same exceptional local service, support and reliability they’ve enjoyed with Sunset Digital and OptiNet, only under the new Point Broadband name.

“Today we mark an important transition from two pioneering brands – Sunset Digital and OptiNet,” said Holt. “These brands brought critical fiber technology to rural Southwest Virginia and East Tennessee. Point Broadband has the resources, experience and knowledge base that will further the expansion efforts already underway, and will enhance the customer service capabilities for customers across the region.”

Point Broadband’s “Fiber-to-the-Premise” technology powers the most data-intensive applications so that residential and commercial users can surf, stream, download, upload and work online simultaneously.  For example, the average Internet download speeds over traditional fixed broadband in the U.S. is approximately 96 megabits per second (Mbps), according to Ookla’s Q2/Q3 2018 national report. Gigabit Internet delivers speeds up to 10 times faster, and Point Broadband’s fiber optic network delivers far faster download and upload speeds compared to traditional coaxial (cable) networks.

Weldon Feightner, CEO of Sunset Digital & COO of Point Broadband, said, “Our local team is proud of the service and support we’ve been able to provide to our customers. This new chapter will give us the tools and support that we need to continue to pioneer new, reliable service to benefit consumers and the local economies here.”

Feightner said there are several new initiatives the company is excited to offer to the region, including an increase in speeds for streaming video and a new solution for whole home secure Wi-Fi.  This new service supports the expanding list of “smart home” devices by providing added functionality to enhance energy savings and home security.

“The resources available through Point Broadband enable us to expand Gigabit Internet networks in the region—providing the best online experience for residents and businesses in our communities,” added Feightner. “With the increased demand on high-speed broadband service, it’s vitally important to have reliable broadband connections and fiber is the best there is.”

Point Broadband will also facilitate new offerings from Sling, Hulu, and other streaming services to their users—including a Dish Network partnership that provides a traditional programming experience with a two-year price guarantee.

About Point Broadband

Point Broadband, headquartered in West Point, Ga., is a subsidiary of ITC Capital Partners, LLC. ITC has a century long history of providing innovative communication solutions to its customers, with a focus on meeting the needs of the communities we serve. We’re committed to providing fast, reliable Internet, voice and video service to help our customers connect with friends and family, stream music and TV service, allow businesses to connect with more customers and just simply make life better.