May 1, 2023

Point Broadband breaks ground in Leelanau, Michigan


LEELANAU COUNTY, MI – The official Groundbreaking Ceremony for Point Broadband LLC’s fiber network in Leelanau County is scheduled for May 4 at 11 a.m., and all are invited to attend, along with leaders from business, government, and the community.

Representatives from Point Broadband and Cherryland Electric Cooperative will be on hand, along with representatives of the Leelanau County Board of Commissioners, Michigan lawmakers, local Chambers of Commerce, and other nongovernmental organizations.

The ceremony will be held at 13807 South Bugai Road (just north of M-72), which is the starting point in the county for Point Broadband’s fiber network. [Note: In case of poor weather, the “rain date” will be Thursday, May 11 at 2 P.M., at the same location.]

Parking will be available on South Justice Way, which is the new construction road just west of the event on the opposite side of South Bugai Road.

Point Broadband, which contracted with Leelanau County in 2022 to deploy fiber-optic internet service to unserved areas of the county in 2023, has started the notification process to residents in the first phase of the southern portion of Leelanau County. Letters were mailed in late March to approximately 635 addresses in the area to announce expected construction in their areas. Notifications will be mailed to additional areas at least 30 days prior to construction.

Point Broadband’s Leelanau County website provides additional information related to construction and presents potential customers with details of internet service options. In addition, a map on Point Broadband’s web site offers a simple view of where it will be installing fiber internet in Leelanau County.

In addition, a detailed map to track broadband buildout and service availability to individual properties is accessible on the Leelanau County website. The first work/service zone emanating from the start point for the new network is now visible on the county’s internet build map. Additional zones will be added as construction and service regions expand throughout the year.