March 7, 2021

Keep Your Smart Home SMART!


It’s no surprise that our homes are more connected than ever before. Whether it’s streaming a movie for movie night, turning up the thermostat on your drive home, or asking Alexa to turn off the lights from bed, we rely more and more on connected devices to make our lives easier. It’s more important than ever that we have great Wi-Fi to keep our smart homes, well … smart. Point SmartHome powered by Plume is exactly what your home needs to power your devices with fast and consistent bandwidth, allowing those devices to operate seamlessly.

Point SmartHome is a cloud-based system that carries the signal from your router to provide fast, reliable Wi-Fi to every corner of your home. By strategically routing your signal where and when you need it most through Plume PowerPods, Point SmartHome adapts in real-time, delivering the perfect amount of bandwidth to the devices in use. The best part? The SmartHome system is continually learning, earning an A+ for making self-adjustments to get you the capacity where and when you need it most.

Point SmartHome gives you complete control over who and what is on your network. The Plume system allows you to set up user-specific profiles, and filter content for kids, block or approve websites, and even set online time limits for specific devices. As Plume learns more about your family’s digital life, it detects behaviors that might indicate a threat to smart devices, such as baby monitors, security systems, and TVs. So, you can rest assured that your family’s digital life is safe and secure.

Ready to match your SmartHome with Smart Wi-Fi? Let us help you get started today!