June 17, 2022

Life is hard enough. Make it easier with E-Bill and AutoPay.


We’re all busy. Life moves fast and there never seems to be enough time in the day. With all we have on our plates, it’s easy to let payments slip from time to time. Point Broadband wants to help make life a little easier with our safe and secure E-Bill and AutoPay plans.

Let’s face it – snail mail isn’t the most reliable way to receive your statements or pay your bill. Mail gets lost and there are no guarantees your payment will be delivered on time. The U.S. Post Office has even acknowledged the difficulties they have faced since the pandemic, recently announcing new service standards that lengthen the delivery time for first-class mail up to five business days.

So, what exactly is E-Bill and Auto Pay?

E-Bill means you receive your invoice each month by email. We can help you get set up in our customer portal to make it easy for you to access your account information. When you add AutoPay, your monthly payments are made automatically, based on the payment option you choose. You may pay through e-check or credit/debit card and change this at anytime.

What are other benefits of E-Bill and AutoPay?

In addition to being convenient and timely, E-Bill and AutoPay offer benefits that snail mail simply can’t match – security and peace of mind.

Point Broadband uses industry-standard software and services to ensure that your payment and your personal information stays secure – far more secure than simply signing a physical check and sending it through multiple hands and machines before it arrives safely.

Additionally, you can save money by avoiding processing and late fees. With rising costs across the board, administrative fees are likely to increase. Most companies now charge for mailing bills. There’s no need to worry about administrative charges, late fees or getting disconnected due to non-payment when you know your secure payment is being made on time each month.

Signing up for E-Bill and AutoPay is easy. Call us at 844-407-6468 or go to https://www.point-broadband.com/contact, select “Others” and let us know in the message field that you want to sign up for E-Bill and AutoPay.

We realize change can be difficult and it’s sometimes hard to try something new. Give E-Bill and AutoPay from Point Broadband a try and make your life just a little bit easier.