February 4, 2021

Check Before You Freak


There’s no question that Wi-Fi has become not just a luxury, but a necessity as we go about our daily lives. At Point Broadband, we’re proud of the bandwidth we provide our Internet customers – fiber Internet is the fastest there is. But just because you’ve got 1 gigabit per second (gbps) doesn’t mean your Wi-Fi is unlimited. Here are three things to check before you freak out that your Wi-Fi is slow.

1. How many devices are connected to the Internet?

  • Sure, there are obvious ones – your laptops, phones and smart TVs are always online. But consider some of the “silent bandwidth eaters” – do you have a baby monitor connected to the Internet? What about a front door camera system or even a smart refrigerator? Alexa is a popular one people tend to forget about. Anything that’s connected to the Internet can eat up your bandwidth, causing those awesome 4K movies you want to stream to, well, be less-than-awesome.
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2. How’s your router?

  • Often, people are surprised that an older, outdated router can affect their Wi-Fi speeds. But it’s true. Using an old, unreliable router to get Point Broadband fiber Internet to your entire home can wreck your Wi-Fi experience. Our technicians can educate you on the best router to ensure your Wi-Fi gets where it needs to go!
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3. Where’s your router?

  • You can have the best router in the world, but if it’s located in the wrong place, you won’t be able to take advantage of your full Wi-Fi signal. Hiding your router in the basement or in a far corner of your home won’t allow your signal to reach all the devices that rely on Wi-Fi. Ideally, your router would be located centrally in your home, away from water and metal objects that can block the Wi-Fi signal. You may even need to try several placement options for your router to ensure you’re getting the strongest signal possible.
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The best solution on the market for today's interconnected homes is a managed mesh Wi-Fi system like Plume. Point Broadband offers the Plume solution through its Point SmartHome Service.  For information, visit Point SmartHome Wi-Fi.