September 12, 2022

Point Broadband Brings Ultra-Fast Gigabit Internet to Cedar Springs, Michigan


STANTON,MI (Sept. 12, 2022) – Point Broadband, a leading fiber-to-the-home internet provider in Michigan, is excited to announce that access to the most robust internet option on the market today is now available to the residents of Cedar Springs.

Point Broadband’s fast and reliable fiber internet delivers symmetrical – or same – speeds both for downloads and uploads which sets it apart from old-fashioned cable internet. With speeds up to 1 gigabit, fiber internet can power multiple smart-home devices and customers can stream live TV and programming with no buffering. Additionally, fiber internet provides businesses with the speed needed to be successful in today’s connected world.

“High-speed broadband access is now a necessary service like power and water,” said Point Broadband GM Dan Sullivan. “Residents in surrounding communities like Alma and Greenville have already been enjoying the advantages of Point Broadband fiber broadband and we’re happy to now bring our fast, reliable network to Cedar Springs.”

City Manager Mike Womack said the introduction of gigabit internet to the citizens internet to Cedar Springs will be great for its citizens and businesses.

“It’s very exciting to have gigabit internet service in our community,” Womack said. “This will make a significant difference in the lives of our citizens as they work, study and connect from home. Additionally, this ultra-high-speed internet provides our local businesses and healthcare facilities access to the cutting-edge technology needed to be more competitive and serve the community more effectively.”

Point Broadband currently operates out of Stanton and is actively expanding throughout west central Michigan. Resident sand businesses interested in Point Broadband’s services may visit or call 989-831-8800.

About Point Broadband

Point Broadband has a history of providing innovative communication solutions to its customers. We are focused on delivering superior, fiber-based Internet with best-in-class customer service, in addition to being actively engaged in the communities we serve. Point Broadband currently operates in 9 states and is continuing its vision of improving lives through fiber technology with the expansion of its networks in rural and small-town USA.

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