October 27, 2020

Looking For A Better Way To Watch TV?


We all know change is hard sometimes. We like the way things are. Making a change gets us out of our comfort zones and may require us to do things differently. But with all the adjustments and changes we’ve had to make through the pandemic, we’ve proven that we can adapt and learn new ways of doing things, especially if it can save us money.

If you’re still paying for cable TV each month, no matter who your provider is, you’ve likely seen rapid and frequent rate increases for cable service over the last few years. Unfortunately, that trend is only going to continue. Have you heard that there is a better way to watch TV that can save you money over traditional cable? Read on to learn how to “cut the cord” from traditional cable and stream your TV programming.

What is cord cutting?

Cable and satellite companies are no longer the only way to get great TV shows or movies. As smart TVs and streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime have exploded in popularity, more content is now available outside of the traditional cable/satellite bundle. With the power and speed of fiber Internet from Point Broadband plus a streaming device to get the Live TV channels you love, you are in control of how much money you spend and the channels you pay for.

What is a smart TV or streaming device? Do I have one? Do I need one?

If you’ve purchased a TV in the last few years, you most likely have a smart TV with the ability to begin streaming right now. If you have an older TV or one that doesn’t support the newest streaming services, then Roku, Amazon, Google, and others, all sell affordable streaming devices that turn almost any TV into a smart TV, for as low as $29.99. Most of these devices offer a simple interface to watch your favorite shows. You can either connect the TV or streaming device to your Wi-Fi network or often right into a modem.

Can I really get the same channels I watch now for less money?

Yes, you can, but with all the services out there, it can be confusing. That’s why Point Broadband has partnered with MyBundle.TV to take the confusion out of streaming. Our simple tool found at Streaming Marketplace makes it easy to find the best streaming service for you and your family. Not only will it help you figure out which service has the channels you want, but it also recommends replacement options for channels that may allow you to choose a smaller bundle and save even more money.

Don’t pay more than you have to for the TV programming you love. As always, the team at Point Broadband is here to help. Our customer service team will be happy to assist you with finding the right streaming options to fit your programming and budget needs. Call 844-407-6468 to discuss streaming options or answer any questions you have about cutting the cord.