August 19, 2021

Point Broadband Brings Ultra-Fast Gigabit Internet to Alma, Michigan


STANTON, MI – Internet service provider Point Broadband is excited to announce the expansion of its 100 percent fiber-to-the-home broadband network into Alma, Michigan. Fiber broadband delivers the speed and reliability needed to power smart-home and streaming devices, with faster downloads AND uploads.

Residents of Alma now have access to the most robust Internet option on the market today, with symmetrical speeds up to 1 gigabit. Fiber broadband delivers the speed and reliability needed to power smart-home and streaming devices, with faster downloads AND uploads. Point Broadband’s fiber network also provides local businesses and healthcare facilities with access to the cutting-edge technology needed to be more competitive and serve the community more effectively.

“Broadband access is now a necessity of life, not a luxury, and a fiber network like ours is far superior to cable Internet options,” said Point Broadband GM Dan Sullivan. “As a local company, we are excited to bring this essential technology to Alma. It continues our record of providing critical Internet services that enhance economic development and quality of life.”

Sullivan explained that fiber broadband is much more advanced than Internet delivered over old-fashioned cable or DSL because these legacy networks require a number of shared collection points which usually result in processing delays or lower speeds. With fiber, users get a dedicated connection.

“Point Broadband’s fiber design takes the fiber directly from your home or business right to the edge of our core network, basically putting the on-ramp to the highway at your driveway,” Sullivan said. “Additionally, the copper used in cable coax or old telco wiring naturally degrades over time, and these networks have been in place for decades. Fiber Optics use light to transmit data making it virtually future-proof.”

“The City of Alma has been exploring fiber options for the past couple of years,” said Alma City Manager Matt Schooley. “We are very excited to see this project become a reality.  Fiber connectivity to the home, at the level of service Point Broadband is providing, is a game-changer.”

Point Broadband currently operates out of Stanton and is actively expanding throughout central Michigan.

Residents and businesses interested in Point Broadband’s services may visit to indicate interest or call 989-831-8800.

About Point Broadband

Point Broadband has a history of providing innovative communication solutions to its customers. We are focused on delivering superior, fiber-based Internet with best-in-class customer service, in addition to being actively engaged in the communities we serve. Point Broadband currently operates in 10 states and is continuing its vision of improving lives through fiber technology with the expansion of its networks in rural and small-town USA.