January 6, 2020

Whole Home WiFi: The Advantages of Parental Controls and Guest Access


Access to the Internet has changed every aspect of our lives. It is literally always at our fingertips. It has changed how we communicate, conduct business and entertain ourselves. And while the Internet provides more convenience and options to connect more than ever before, it also poses challenges for parents. Children have never known a time where they couldn’t be instantly online. This can create safety concerns about what they may see, hear or read, as well as who they may encounter. Parents also face the responsibility of limited screen time, which can be a major challenge. Fortunately, there are measures in place with Point Broadband’s SmartHome platform to help you overcome some of these parenting challenges.

What Can Point SmartHome Parental Controls Do?

Beyond providing you with consistent Internet everywhere in your home, Point SmartHome powered by Plume has a variety of parental control options that address everything from safety to access. You can control every device connected to your home’s WiFi. With AI Security, online content can be filtered and restricted based on the settings you customize. Each member of your family can have a profile with unique settings. By default, each profile will be set to “no limits.” However, parameters can be adjusted based on the amount of time and access you’d like each profile to have. For younger children, only G-rated content can be accessed. For older children, like teenagers, a PG-13 filter can be applied. And adult content can be restricted from any profile or device. You can also create a custom approved/block list that can be configured for any location, device or person.

Limiting time and data is another useful feature that is available. You can isolate and limit or restrict each individual device. This can be done in terms of a daily time allotment or freezing access during or after certain hours. This takes much of the guesswork out of when and what your children are doing online.

What is AI Security?

As cyber threats continue to evolve, AI Security provided by Point SmartHome keeps you protected. By filtering out potentially suspicious content and sources, your network remains secure. Real-time threats like phishing, malware, viruses, ransomware, and more are mitigated before they can become an issue. AI Security also makes it possible to filter content and sites for each device and person in your home, limiting the amount of exposure you have on and for each one. With advanced IoT protection, all your connected devices are also secure. This includes baby monitors, thermostats and any other connected device. Lastly, Anomaly Detection allows SmartHome to learn about the usage habits and trends for each device, allowing it to recognize when something is out of the ordinary and possibly posing a threat.

With Point SmartHome powered by Plume, you can take back control of your home’s WiFi with enhanced, consistent performance and state-of-the-art security and oversight.